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Kid Safety Blog for Parents

Hi Mr. Silva,

I wanted to share a personal e-mail that I sent out to my new parent site. The recent Somer Thompson tragedy in Florida really bothers me, as usual. You know, keeping kids safe is my primary purpose in life. I am offering to let everybody and anybody to download a FREE copy of my Steal-Proof Master's, "Guide Book to Role-Playing". It is on my site and just requires a free sign in. Obviously it would not allow private school owners to teach the program without a license, but it would be available to share and help educate the thousands of family's that attend these schools. Unfortunately, too many parents don't know what to teach. There is currently a child killer on the loose in the Jacksonville,FL area. It also reflects well on the school owners who care about their school's families. If you share this with the schools it would be great, at the very least I know I am helping. Thanks. -Rich Kohler
All Printed Marketing Materials 25% off!
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TOP TEN NO AND LOW COST MARKETING IDEAS (in fact if you do 6 and 8 you will make money even if you don’t enroll a student)

  1. Face to Face VIP – you can use VIP cards and just a pen and paper.  Scripts are on the UP website SCRIPTS.
  2. Ask people who enroll or upgrade for a list of four friends they feel would enjoy martial arts training.  Call and offer them a VIP course.  Simply ask your new student or upgrade this question, “Who are the first four people you are going to tell about your training?”
  3. Teach your staff and leadership students to VIP.  You must do number one or they are going to think you are asking them to do something you don’t want to do.
  4. Offer your students something for giving referrals.   They give friends a guest pass or bring them in.  If the friend enrolls, the student gets $50 for example.
  5. AD  Cards or rack cards in local businesses. $200 expense for 5000.
  6. Birthday Parties.  You make $200 for each party. Buy some Ad cards, flyers or VIP cards with the money.
  7. White Belt Buddy bash – all white belts get invited to a pizza party and can bring 5 friends.
  8. Parent Night Out party where students can bring friends. Also revenue generating so buy more marketing material like test invitations.  This alone could go on this list of low cost marketing.
  9. Outgoing calls to everyone in your prospect list.
  10. Buddy Weeks – kids bring a friend to two classes in one week.  The buddy comes back on Friday with his parents to graduate to white belt.
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  Martial Arts Business Master Summit FREE to All UP MEMBERS

What do you do when you get the most innovative leader in the Martial Arts business world, the TOP grossing school owner in United Professionals and one of the fastest growing school owners in the industry meeting for one day and opening the summit to the entire martial arts industry?

You pick up the phone and reserve your spot because it will change your future.

On November 20th Greg Silva President of United Professionals, RS Mitchell owner of Mitchell’s Martial Arts which grosses nearly $150,000 a month and Shayne Simpson, Corner Man coach and leading school owner will present 4hours of martial arts business material that could launch your school in 2010.

  1. Understand your Streams of Income and you will change your financial future
  2. The no excuse contract-a-day plan.
  3. Events to create Names, e-mails and numbers. The school that generates the most WINS. Follow this and you will never have a bad month.
  4. Staff development and leadership
  5. Two ideas to earn $18,000 extra by changing two things you are already doing.
  6. So you survived 2009 – do you have what it takes to dominate your market in 2010?

Pacific Northwest Karate
1600 Kentucky St #B4
Bellingham Washington
90 minutes North of Seattle
60 minutes South of Vancouver, British Columbia

Friday November 20th 10 am – 2 pm
Four hour event includes lunch only $199.00
UP clients ask about your discount

Call Jeannie at 877-787-4542 ext 716 to register

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If you already have an MMA or BJJ school and are not getting the results you want we can help there also. Aaron Reiss will also be hosting an event in Utah coming up and he has put 125 drills on a DVD for UP clients.

More details on the events are coming. If you would like more information about adding East West MMA, East West Jujitsu or East West Fitness to your school please e-mail me back.

Additional BJJ events for UP and Corner Man clients.

Nov 1 - LI Pride BJJ- Long Island
Nov 14 - Don Drumm- PA
Nov 21 - Long Island BJJ instructor College for Brazilians
December 12 - Brian Wethington- Tampa
Greg Silva



ALL UP Events for the Remainder of 2009 are FREE to UP Members!!!

United Professionals Certified Educational and Training Events

Coming to: New York, Centennial, Colorado - Baltimore, Maryland

Our new ultimate system training seminars are a hit!  We have compacted two days of Instructor Certification and Program Director Certification into one very powerful one day event!

Our new combination of video presentation,  classroom, lecture and on the mat practice will empower you with the information you need to make a huge difference.

• We will cover the 25 classroom mechanics for dynamic classes
• Presentation & Speaking Skills for a Charismatic Instructor
• Teaching for Retention
• Class Management
• Information and Phone Procedures
• Introductory Classes
• The Critical First 60 Days Plan
• Course Presentations
• Overcoming Objections
• Necessary Marketing for Growth

Add to this that the event is only one day and you will save more because you won’t need hotel rooms for your staff. 

Contact Jeannie at 877-787-4542 ext. 714 for registration.

November 6 - 8th Baltimore, Maryland

November 6-8, 2009 Worldwide Kenpo Karate Championships & Conference 2009 (410) 484-7122

UP will conduct MMA Classes and Instructor Training!

Westin Hotel & Resort
1100 Old Elkridge Landing Road
Linthicum, Maryland 21090
Hotel Reservations: Westin (443) 577-2300 Reserve room by 10/07/09 to receive WKKA discount!
Tournament Director: Russell Palanzo
Information: (410) 484-7122 Email:

Greg Silva


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I could go on for days about the holiday sale but these are the highlights of our best selling packages and items.

I give everyone a holiday sale catalog (starting November 2nd) that has a card on it that has the date of the holiday sale on it and instructs them to bring this card with them to the sale to receive an ADDITIONAL $5 off orders of $75 or more and that they will receive a free gift with any order of $75 or more.  Doing the coupon and gift really helps keep your per ticket average up there – we rarely have anyone spend less than that.  The free gift is usually something like a mug filled with candy.

I attached some pictures that show how I display the “Special Edition” items and packages. Sorry my pictures are terrible!  I have my sale broken up into timeline, inventory and stock, decorating and promoting, day of sale and post sale ordering and organizing so if you need anything else – just let me know!

*Kits and Packages

These are all wrapped in clear cellophane with brightly colored tissue paper behind the item and a matching bow.  They save an additional 10% off of the catalog prices by purchasing the bundle.  I only do 1 or 2 of each of these and place orders if any more are needed, they look really fun and festive and draw a lot of attention.

Scrapbooking Kit – Includes #13309 scrap book (I use the large red 10x10), #13300 scrapbook paper, and #13298 karate kid paper cut outs. Pkg Price $35.99

Women’s Exercise Kit (kids, dads, brothers like to get this one for Mom or sister) – Includes #189443D Century Exercise Band Training with Whitney Harchanko and #10935 in Purple (low). Pkg Price $28.99

“Practice at Home” Kit – Includes a #10215 single focus target and #1022 square hand target. Pkg Price $42.99 also includes a small sheet of drills to do at home that we typed up in a holiday card stock.

Room Decorating Kit – usually this would include the garbage can/clock/mouse pad combo but those are gone this year so I am going to do your choice of small wall scroll (#1319), motivational poster (#1369) and wall night light #13123 or 13122. Pkg Price $46.99 – I will have one display and a standing plexi sign that will show the options if they would like to pick their own combo of designs.

*Hottest Selling Individual Items

• Packs of 10 wooden breaking boards wrapped in a ribbon - $14.99 (we buy them in bulk, I think most schools probably already have a stockpile of these)

• All of my sparring gear items (head, hands, feet, shins) and mesh bags are $22.50 a piece – I have them set out in piles on the floor and always sell out of all of it.  I just tape signs on the wall above it that says “$22.50 a piece!!!!”, I think it has kind of a bargain feel and that is why we always sell out of it, it’s not that bad on your profit margin either.

• Adrenaline weapons bags #2143 – always sell a ton of these, I have 3 on hand and place orders for the rest.

• Inexpensive Belt Racks - #13006 is our best seller, it seems to be the best price point.  I get in the 6 levels so beginner students can get just 1 rack and more advanced students can add an additional one if they already have on or they can buy 2.

*Limited Edition Items We do these only for the holiday sale – they cannot be purchased at any other time throughout the year so people really look forward to what we will have each year.

• Embroidered Hat $29.99

• Bag $79.99

• Jacket $99.99

• Hooded Sweatshirt $49.99

• Embroidered White Uniform $79.99 (Our black belt training students are required to wear basic white so this is their only chance to buy a fancy version – we always sell quite a few of these)

• Screen printed padded bleacher seat $39.99 – parents love to have these  at tournaments and our “benchwarmer” parents use them all year at the school.

The best part about these items is you only have one sample of each item for the sale so you don’t have wasted overstock!

*Impulse Items

I have green and red baskets in front of the register filled with inexpensive stocking stuffers like ornaments, gel wristbands, headbands, belt keychains, and other little goodies.  A lot of people grab a couple of these items while checking out.

Good luck! I’m expecting to do at least 20k this year in just merchandise sales – I don’t include private training, upgrades, etc.

Amanda P. Tong

Owner / Manager


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  • Banners on front building and/or "A" frame signs by the road  "Welcome to our New Location, Family Martial Arts New Student Special" (have web site and phone number on banner).
  • All Fliers and Ad cards should have a blurb near address or strategically placed on card "we honor all competitors printed specials" or "now excepting transfer students"  Always include your web site --- I assume you have a web site designed by Renee.
  • Have Cards and or pamphlets on your door talking about your school, the hours, and your specials when you are closed.
  • Give each of your existing students VIP cards to hand to all their friends talking about their new school – offer them $50 for each referral they bring you.
  • We need to place AD cards in all businesses within 4-6 miles of our school – There is a marketing person, Jimmy Mark that will get your rack cards into 100 locations in three days.  Coach Simpson highly recommends Jimmy,  This is the most expensive but WILL get you results.
  • Host a PNO EVENT - give all the schools in your area fliers to hand to their students. State on the Flier it is a fund raiser for XYZ elementary, $10.00 cost for admittance with all proceeds going to your school, Pizza Fun and games. 3 or 4 Hours long (you decide).
  • Place a table outside your school when open with fliers, and lead box.   Have your front end person monitor to see if anyone stops to take material, then walk out and offer them a Free Trial.
  • Order the tele-mail letter.   Mail it to 100 people a week from your prospect list.  If you do not have a prospect list get a school directory and mail to 100 families a week.  The following week, send another 100 and call the 100 you sent the prior week to see if they got the letter.  I can help you with this scripting on the phone.   You can order as few as 1000 which will last you 10 weeks.
  • Call all former students and tell them how excited you are about the new location and invite them in for two Free Weeks.  Better yet, have an open house for all present and former students.  Decorate the school, ask everyone to bring friends, do a demo and have something to eat.
  • Every time you enroll a new student ask this, “Who are the first 4 people you are going to tell you are taking martial arts?”   After they tell you, say, "I would love to call and offer them a free VIP membership on your behalf. Can you please give me their phone numbers?”  It really is more fun training with a friend or family member.   It’s completely free but if any one of these people enroll I will give you $50.
  • VIP the police station – tell the commanding  officer you offer a 20% discount to law enforcement.
  • SNIPE signs – MARTIAL ARTS – Free Trail program and include your web site   They sell 100 for 100 dollars.

We are in your corner ---

Greg Silva


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» Martial Arts Websites «

Only $79 mo/ No Set-up Fees (UP Members ONLY) - Absolutely No Hidden Costs
Includes Email - Site Traffic Statistics - Optimized for Search Engines! - Lead Collector on Every Page - Professionally Written Copy included!

In the first month we went from literally being last to first or second on Google's generic search for martial arts, mma, and karate, in our area.  We have had 6 new lesson submission forms and enrolled 3 of them thus far.  Out of the 3 we did enroll they brought 2 friends that joined as well.  So far 5 new students directly from the website.  Way above any expectations that I had!!!!!! Marco Ovalle, Circle of One, NY

I have had a website with Renee for several months now.  I have had tons of leads call in on a weekly basis from this site.  Over the last couple of months I have people calling in every week for Birthday parties.  In fact I received another Birthday party request from the website today.  I do no advertising for the birthday parties other than the website, and I have been hosting Birthday parties almost every Saturday.  Renee does an outstanding job.  The proof is in the results.  These websites work! Bryce Norton, Riverton Martial Arts


Hello Renee - I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that the web site is still producing results beyond what I expected. This month of Feb so far, I have gotten six hits, four appointments and two signups from the site. Thanks for your time and effort in putting the site up and for working with me. I have had my site since Aug 2008 and it has been getting hits every month. I had a previous site for a year and it did not get a single hit in the whole year and it was built and run by a well known organization and the investment was a whole lot more. Thank you again, Jonathan Stewart - PMA Dover, DE

Hello Mr. Silva, I wanted to touch base with you, and let you know how things are going. September is usually our most productive month, and this one is no exception. So far, we have 17 new students enrolled, and the hits just keep on coming. Just this afternoon, as I was about to start teaching, two parents called, within 4 minutes of each other, to inquire as to whether they could bring in their 4 yr. olds for introductory classes today. Both of these parents had found out about us from our website today. We signed two new students today, from the website. In the past 3-4 weeks, 75-80% of our prospects first viewed our website, before calling us. More people than ever before are interested in booking Birthday parties with us, after viewing the information presented on the site. The response we're getting is unbelievable! - Wanda White - Boston Academy of Martial Arts
Mr. Silva, I am so pleased with my new website that I thought it deserved it's own testimonial. I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Renee Helton has done for me on my new school website. But now let me tell you what my site created by Renee has done. My site that Renee built site had been up for just 2 1/2 days and I already have 4 prospects in the aweber system receiving the auto responder letters and signed up 2 students from the new website. I thought that I knew what I was doing but Renee is the pro. Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and sign up for one of Renee's sites. I have tried the cheap way, didn't work, I have tried the expensive way, didn't work too well, I spent countless hours working my old site for over 2 years before it finally paid off decently. Please tell all UP clients not to spend the ungodly amount of time that I spent to gain just decent results in my area, take the shortcut to an incredible martial arts school website and sign up with Renee...SHE'S A BARGAIN! Renee will patiently work with you but don't try to out think her, you do your job and let Renee do hers, you'll be glad you did. Brian Wethington, Wesley Chapel Martial Arts
Contact Renee at 877.389.4085 (eSpyderWeb Design Group) for more information!

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Social Media Tip

With Facebook you can link your Twitter accounts so your status updates on Twitter when you update it on Facebook. This is awesome for us since we have a Warhorse page and an Elite Martial Arts page – now I don’t have to log in to our Twitter separately, I just update our Facebook pages and it automatically uploads to Twitter! Anyone using these social sites for marketing will be excited to take out those extra steps

Even more exciting is that once you have linked your Facebook to your Twitter (Twitter updates when you update Facebook) you can link your Twitter to your MySpace (MySpace updates when you automatically update your Twitter via Facebook)! This means you update all of your sites through just Facebook – I wish someone would have told me about this sooner!!!

Amanda Tong

Zig On…Get To Or Got To?
By Zig Ziglar

Every morning for several years, promptly at 10:00 a.m., a prominent business woman visited her mother in a nursing home. She was close to her mother and loved her very much. Often she had requests for appointments at that time of day. Her response was always the same: “No, I’ve got to visit with my mother.” Eventually, her mother died. Shortly thereafter someone asked this woman for an appointment 10:00 a.m. It suddenly hit her that she could no longer visit her mother. Her next thought was, “Oh, I wish I could visit my mother just one more time.” From that moment on, she changed her “got to’s” to “get to’s.”

Her story makes us realize that pleasurable things are “get-to’s.” Burdensome things are “got-to’s.” I get to play golf today; I get to go on vacation this week, etc. We use the term “got to” when it’s not necessarily pleasurable: I’ve got to go to work at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow; I’ve got to clean house; etc. Since perceptions influence our thinking and performance, try this. Instead of, “I’ve got to go to work,” think about those who have no job. Then you can enthusiastically change it to, “I get to go to work tomorrow.” If somebody invites you to go fishing, instead of saying, “No, I’ve got to go to my child’s game on Saturday,” think about the fact that someday your child will grow up and you won’t be able to go to his or her games. Then it’s easy to change it to “get to.”

It’s amazing what that change in words will eventually do for your attitude. You’ll find yourself looking forward to doing those things instead of feeling as if you have to do them. With a difference in attitude, there’ll be a difference in performance. With a difference in performance, there’ll be a difference in rewards. So think about those things, change your “got-to’s” to “get to’s” and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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A Martial Arts School Management, Consulting & Tuition Billing Company
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