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Coaching and School Management

Running a martial arts school sounds easy. Be good at martial arts share your passion, students will come, overhead is low and you make a living at your hobby. Sounds like living the dream.

However when you want to really own a business that not only produces great students, a solid future for you and you family and opportunities for team members to grow it gets a little more complicated. Things that you never imagined before become a reality.

Lease negotiations, new student acquisition, marketing, enrollments, taxes, payroll, staff development, statistics, retention, percentages, insurance, inventory, accounting, a business plan, savings and retirement planning, VIP memberships, packages, monthly gross, tuition collections and more.

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  Marketing Products

The one thing every martial arts school needs no matter what style, location or system is new students.

The industry and business is based on a steady flow of new students to build your class and to combat attrition. United Professionals not only offers superior quality products at very competitive rates. We also include FREE manuals to help you get the best results with your marketing efforts.

Move head and shoulders above your competition with products that work, designs that get attention and compelling offers and marketing strategies, New products are constantly being added as well as new designs.

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Members Resources

Business Training Manuals

For all aspects of your school

Power Point

Training Presentations Training aids for staff development and training sessions

Systems Driven

The Silva Solution staff training videos

Class Schedule and Courses

How to schedule classes including "A" and "B" Days

The Numbers Are In

Compare your numbers with other UP Member Schools

Instructor Training &
Floor Management

Class Management

Includes, BBE Worksheets, Posters, Video, Mat Chats & Corresponding weekly videos

Instructor Training

Packed with powerful information to make your "floor" rock


Payroll & Incentives

Staff salary and bonus system


Marketing, Prospecting and Student Retention Scripts

UP Video Library

Variety of topics, Marketing, Retention, How-to's, etc

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